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Stinger Smoke Machines are made with care and pride in the USA, and were designed to perform as well or better than any smoke tester you will find, regardless of price. You could spend hundreds more, but you won't get a better smoke machine. Stinger Smoke Machines use inexpensive USP Mineral Oil available at big box stores for $2.00 per 16/oz bottle. Try the Stinger Stinger Pro Smoke Machine and see for yourself... you won't be disappointed

Stinger Smoke Machines Test:

EVAP Systems
Intake Manifolds
Exhaust Systems
PCV Systems
Injector Seals
Fluid Reservoirs
Valves and Pistons
Transmissions and Axles
Radiators and Cooling Systems
Door & Window Seal Leaks

-- Stinger 2 Pro Smoke Machine System --

Complete Automotive Smoke Leak Testing System, With Evap Test Port Adapter, Schrader Valve Removal Tool, Two Smoke Hose Tips, Hose Plug, and Air Hose Fitting - $149.95 Complete, with FREE shipping anywhere in the USA!!! (Outside USA, please WRITE US for a shipping quote before ordering!)

Stinger 2 Pro Smoke Machine

Stinger 2 Pro is an attractive, professional smoke machine system sporting an intake ball valve allowing exact tailoring of the smoke output, a 1-psi pressure regulator (safe pressure for evap testing), and a sturdy, convenient handle for hanging the machine off the hood while smoke testing in the engine compartment. The Stinger Smoke Pro 2 smoke machine also has great features like an extra-long 12 foot heavy-duty fused power cable to reach any part of your car which needs smoke testing. Non-crimping smoke hose ends, 2 smoke tips, AND an EVAP Test Port Adapter, making this a complete automotive smoke testing solution for under 150 bucks (why spend 5x as much?). The Stinger 2 Pro uses common USP mineral oil ($2/pint at Target or Walmart), and is only $149.95 with FREE shipping anywhere in the USA - Other countries, WRITE US for a shipping quote BEFORE ordering! FREE shipping anywhere in the USA - use the Paypal payment link below (Paypal account not required) and you'll have a professional smoke machine in a few days at a fraction of the cost of other smoke machines - Stinger smoke machines are IN STOCK and ship out in 1 business day via USPS Priority Mail!

Stinger Pro Model 2 - $149.95 with free shipping anywhere in the USA

See a short but illustrative VIDEO of the Stinger Smoke Machine in action HERE

"The machine works amazingly! It produces large thick smoke - to say I am satisfied is an understatement!" (Zach S, Tacoma Wa)

Included Accessories:

Evap Test Adapter, Schrader Tool, 2 Smoke Tips & Hose Plug - All included in a variety of colors

EVAP Adapter in Service

Simply thread the included EVAP smoke test adapter on to your test port after removing the Schrader valve (reverse thread) with the included tool, and attach your Stinger Smoke Machine hose

Pressure Regulator & Smoke Control Valve

On-Board Pressure Regulator reduces your compressor input pressure to 1 PSI smoke output, safe for all automotive systems. Smoke Control Valve allows you precise control over the smoke output. Also shown is the backup pressure safety valve.

12 Foot Power Cable

Heavy-Duty Fused Cable with durable high-quality Battery Clips

Power Terminals

Power Terminal Connections are Steel, and pass through the sidewall with Oil-Resistant Nitrile Firewall Grommets

Stinger Pro2 Smoke Output

Stinger 2 Smoke Machine with the Smoke Control Valve nearly at full-open position - this infinitely variable flow control valve allows you to make precise, instant smoke control adjustments

Small Compressor? No Problem

The Stinger Smoke Control Valve limits the air flowing out of your compressor, so it works very well with small compressors too - just adjust the Smoke Flow Control Valve so your small compressor can keep up with the smoke output.

Compact, Incredibly Effective, Affordable!!!

Stinger Pro 2 Smoke Machine is the most affordable professional automotive smoke testing system on the market. The Pro 2 puts out thicker smoke than any of the competing machines we have seen.

**Safety Note: Whenever testing EVAP systems, with a Stinger or any smoke machine, always substitute shop air with an inert gas such as Nitrogen or Argon. Explanation: EVAP smoke testing with regular air pushes oxygen into the fuel system and tank, creating an oxygen-rich fume environment where sparking of components like fuel pumps or solenoids could ignite these oxygenated fumes. Using inert gas to push the smoke won't oxygenate your internal fuel system. Smoke testing also pushes fumes out of any possible exit point in the fuel system (gas cap area, vent solenoids, leaky lines, etc), where they could be ignited by an external ignition source, so even when using inert gas you still should be aware of all fuel vapor exit points, and eliminate any nearby ignition sources. Always use the vehicle's EVAP test port to perform EVAP smoke tests - not the fuel filler neck/cap.

Buy A Stinger Pro 2 EVAP Smoke Machine System today, and you'll have it at your doorstep in a few days

Stinger Pro Model 2 - $149.95)

"Worked Great Found Vac Leak like a champ (Kurt S, Calverton NY)
"Fantastic - lightning fast shipping, and very fair prices!!!!" (Charles M, Palm Desert Ca)
"My mechanic liked it so much I gave to him & ordered another (Paul S, Carrollton OH)
"Great product. Wonderful customer service (Autoplex Of *** Maryland Hts MO)

Breathing Vaporized Mineral Oil

Quick note on something others might not mention - breathing vaporized oil mist is not healthy practice! Would you inhale from the exhaust pipe of an oil-burning car? Well then, wear a vapor mask when using a smoke machine to prevent breathing atomized mineral oil into your lungs - and avoid using in enclosed areas around unprotected people or pets - smoke safely! Ok, now buy a Stinger smoke machine for your home, shop, or mobile mechanic business - you'll be glad you did!

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