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STINGER USA Company Overview:

Who We Are - What We Do.

Stinger Smoke Machines have been #1 Star-Rated Smoke Machine on Amazon and eBay since 2016. Our focus is on making the most heavy-duty automotive smoke machine available at any price. Stinger Pro 2 will probably outlast your shop with it's 1/8" aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum housing, and 1/4" (yes, 1/4" thick!) aluminum lids and bottoms. We make every Stinger Automotive smoke machine on lathes and drill presses in Lake Isabella, California. Designed by Aircraft Mechanics, the Stinger Pro 2 has no unnecessary gauges to break or the cheap plastic nozzles, thin cords and narrow smoke passages of the overseas competition. Instead you will find a 12-foot heavy-duty 14 guage fused power cord, thick brass nozzles, and an almost insanely overbuild heating element & wick system.

Stinger provides fast and obvious automotive systems leak detection with more smoke output than any smoke machine ever made, including the $1000 ones. Stinger Pro 2 attaches to your air compressor, so you need one of those - small compressors like pancake models work just fine - just dial back the on-board smoke valve a bit so your small compressor can keep up. Stinger smoke machines enable you to instantly locate hard-to-find leaks in vacuum hoses, intake manifolds, exhaust pipes and exhaust manifolds, engine crankcases and gaskets, radiators & coolant hoses, door and trunk seals, etc - this is an INDISPENSABLE tool for the pro mechanic, and unlike the Chinese models, the wick won't be burning out after a few uses. Stinger Pro 2 ships straight from our California factory to you, next business day, via United States Postal Service. Feel free to compare us with the chinese competition - you will find Stinger to be the most durable, highest quality machines and the best value anywhere in the automotive smoke machine market.

Machine Overview:

Stinger Smoke Machines produce more smoke than any competitor regardless of price due to our vastly superior heating element. Stinger's housing canister is hand-lathed from thick 1/8" 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. The instant-on / instant-off lid and bottom are each 1/4" thick, making both the Pro 2 and Smoke Hobo practically bullet-proof... either machine is likely to outlast your shop. The absurdly thick, overbuilt wick / heating element on both the Stinger Pro 2 and the Smoke Hobo last virtually forever if the oil is kept at the proper level. Stinger doesn't use the delicate spaghetti-noodle power cords used elsewhere - we use full 14-gauge 10-A fused outdoor rated power cables which measure 12 Feet long - combined with the 6 foot smoke hose, that makes a full 18 Feet of reach to test any system on your vehicle, radiator to tailpipe.

More Features

Stinger's battery clips are not the flimsy copper ones found elsewhere but are made of sturdy steel soldered and shrink-tube sealed to the power cable. Stinger makes our 2 brass universal smoke tips thick and beefy - they will fit any size engine hose. Stinger uses oversized diameter smoke passages all the way from the canister outlet to the smoke tips in order to carry the vast amount of smoke Stinger machines make to your tested components. Stinger Pro 2 includes a universal EVAP port adapter, EVAP port Schrader valve removal tool, a 1/4" quick-connect air hose fitting, and a sweet little brass smoke hose plug you'll come to love, along with full machine instructions written in very clear English by the machine makers - no scratching your head trying to decipher poorly translated Chinese... speaking of which -->


The overwhelming number of smoke machines are now made by a few factories in China who paint them different colors and market them under various brand names, storing them here in US warehouses to sell on the big sites. They are low priced and look pretty but have thin metal skins, thin fiberglass wicks, thin power cords and narrow smoke passages which produce a small smoke output, and they will not last a pro shop or avid home mechanic very long under daily use. Stinger is made with pride in the USA and hand-lathed from 1/8" 6061 Aircraft grade Aluminum with 1/4" thick lids and bottoms - bulletproof. Your choice is clear - check our reviews anywhere online then come back home here to the official Stinger website and buy one. we'd appreciate that - you rock!!!

Stinger Pro 2 Smoke Machine VS. The Smoke Hobo Portable

Both the Stinger Pro 2 and Stinger Smoke Hobo are built like battle tanks, and both produce large volumes of smoke, but there is one major difference. Like ALL smoke machines on the market, regardless of brand name. the Stinger Pro 2 requires an air compressor to work. The All-New Stinger Smoke Hobo does NOT require an air compressor at all. Stinger Pro 2 has been the best smoke machine value on the market since 2014, and is tried and true - check it's feedback anywhere! If you have an air compressor and don't mind being tethered with an air hose to do your smoke testing, Pro 2 is the best choice out there! If doing regular EVAP testing, we recommend the Stinger Pro 2 over the Smoke Hobo because your compressor air supply can be easily switched out to an inert gas supply hose from your CO2, Argon, or Nitrogen tanks. The Smoke Hobo with it's built-in Blower uses regular atmospheric air at all times which is not recommended for EVAP testing but works perfectly for finding those elusive vacuum leaks, otherwise impossible to locate exhaust manifold leaks, crankcase gasket leaks, cooling systems leaks, etc. The Smoke Hobo is Unchained ---->

Stinger Smoke Hobo Portable: A Revolution in Smoke Testing

Unleash your Smoke Testing! The Stinger Smoke Hobo utilizes a powerful, high-quality self-lubricating dual ball-bearing air blower capable of propelling the prodigious amounts of smoke Stinger is known for, ELIMINATING the need of an air compressor! An industry first! No longer tied to the wall, just grab your Hobo and get on down the road! Perfect for mobile mechanics and any shop that doesn't want their smoke testing to be limited to the hose distance from their shop wall / air compressor. Other than EVAP testing, the Smoke Hobo is equal to the Pro 2 in build quality and smoke output, and the portability and cost effectiveness of the Smoke Hobo make it an extremely attractive choice! At this price you can afford to buy two or three for your shop and your friends - believe us, they will thank you. Both Stinger Automotive Smoke Machines are designed to use inexpensive, commonly available USP Mineral Oil sold for a few dollars at any drug store or big-box store - we don't force you to buy expensive "Custom Smoke Fluid" from us like other manufacturers - this makes Stinger smoke machines practically free to use - forever!

Fast Shipping From our USA Facility in California !

Stinger is made in the USA, and ships fast from our California home base in Lake Isabella. We ship out either the same or next business day from the day you order so you'll have your machine in just a few days. We recommend you go grab one pint of U.S.P. Mineral Oil from a Big-Box Store or your local Drug Store (it's a laxative) while the machine is in transit, so you have it ready when your machine arrives. We'd include a bottle in the box but it would increase the shipping cost roughly 10 dollars (!!) and we'd have to pass that along since we are on a thin profit margin as it is. Though our instructions are written in clear English, we are easy to contact should you ever have a question or issue, and we answer promptly. Just use the Contact Us link above if you ever need us - we're here for you our fellow mechanics, gear-heads, geeks, racers, makers, and doers. Thanks for reading and for your business - We Appreciate You!

Stinger Pro 2

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