Stinger Smoke Products

Stinger Smoke Products produces an automotive smoke machine which will quickly become your favorite shop tool... diagnose all sorts of car and truck problems quickly and efficiently for 1/5 the price of other professional automotive smokers... an incredible value for professional and home mechanics - made right here in the USA in S. California, and shipped to you via USPS Priority mail so you'll have it in your hands in just a few days!

Stinger Smoke Products Model 2 Professional - $179.99 with FREE shipping anywhere in the USA - Outside USA, please WRITE US for a shipping quote before ordering!

Stinger Smoke Products Model 2 - A compact, professional smoke testing machine with a pressure regulator and smoke flow control valve which allows you to tailor the exact amount of smoke exiting the smoke machine. The Stinger Pro 2 automotive smoker compliments any professional mechanic's shop or home mechanic's garage - not only does this machine look spiffy and professional, but the price is quite attractive as well - you could pay 800+ dollars, but why? The Stinger Pro 2 smoke machine does it all, and includes an EXTRA LONG 12 foot fused power cable, no-crimp high-temp silicone smoke hose ends, 2 smoke tips, smoke hose plug, air fitting, AND an EVAP test port adapter and Schrader valve tool - Just add USP mineral oil ($2 at big box stores) and you're making smoke! Buy a Stinger Smoke Products Model 2 Smoke Machine with the PayPal link below

Stinger Pro Model 2 - $179.99 with FREE shipping anywhere in the USA! (Outside USA, please WRITE US before ordering!)