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Evap System Smoke Testing
Intake Manifold Smoke Testing
Exhaust Leak Smoke Testing
Radiator Leak Smoke Testing
PCV System Smoke Testing
Injector Seal Leak Smoke Testing
Valve and Piston Leak Smoke Testing
Transmission and Axle Leak Smoke Testing

The Stinger Pro 2 professional automotive smoke testing machine is a complete vacuum leak finding solution, used by pro mechanics around the globe to quickly locate faulty leaking auto hoses and lines and EVAP system leaks. The Stinger Pro 2 Smoke Machine is described more fully here with photos text: Stinger Smoke Machine Model Pro 2 Automotive Smoker, and can be purchased on the page linked above, or on this page with the Paypal link below. You can spend hundreds more, but you won't get a better automotive smoke machine!

Stinger Smoke Products Model 2 smoke machine is an indispensable diagnostic tool which will make your life easier if you are a professional mechanic shop - and you'll earn a lot more money. The Stinger Model 2 is a pro smoke test machine with an intake air valve for tailoring the exact amount of smoke coming out of the smoke hose. This smoke machine includes 12 foot fused power cable, smoke hose, 2 smoke tips, and an EVAP Test Port Adapter and Schrader Valve Tool. Stinger Smoke Machines come fully assembled - Just add USP mineral oil ($2 at big box stores) and you're making smoke! Full machine instructions included. Buy the Stinger Smoke Products Model 2 Smoke Machine now, with the PayPal link below: